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Monday, 18 May 2015

Travels - Bangkok, Thailand

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin - Fine, Modern Thai food in Central Bangkok

Located inside the Kempinski Siam hotel (next to Siam Paragon mall) this restaurant is easy to reach and food and atmosphere amazing. I know they were previously on Asia's 50 best restaurants although for some reason it is no longer on the 2015 guide. That aside, a friend who visited both this and Nahm highly recommend this over Nahm and I took their advice. 

Travels - Bangkok, Thailand

Soul Food Mahanakorn, Bangkok - Many expats, but definitely an excellent place for modern Thai eating  

Apologies for such a long hiatus! Blogging definitely requires a lot of effort and I admire those who hold a 10+ hour job and can still make time to post their foodie excursions. 
I'm currently on a long holiday break and hence have found some time to post my travels of this year. I definitely regret not posting anything whilst away in London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Singapore and Philippines in 2014 as I've maintained this blog as a way to remind myself what I've eaten in the past and share with the public pictures of my meals and thoughts for reference. Going forward I'm going to do my best to post blogs on my meals during my travels, and for photos of my meals in HK you may visit gastronomerr.tumblr.com

On to the good stuff, earlier in May my first stop was Bangkok. I was there mainly for spa and relaxation however did manage to book two restaurants I had read about and wanted to try - desperately! I picked one casual and one fine dining place to see what Bangkok had to offer. Both turned out great, and below is my experience at Soul Food Mahanakorn, which I had read to serve excellent Thai food with small twists to the traditional ingredients/methods. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Catalunya - Sunday brunch with a lot of spectacle and excellent service

Catalunya was definitely one of the hottest restaurants to open in Hong Kong last year - so for a Sunday lunch I gathered my folks for a stuff-yourself-silly meal...


Tim's Kitchen

Admittedly this is a very belated post, a visit made last October, but a post nonetheless! Happy New Year everybody - the holiday period was definitely enjoyable for me, being a glutton and all....hope all of yours was too!

Braised pomelo skin with shrimp roes ($80/pc)
Really good - not to get into the whole cooking process but the soaking of the skin to remove its bitterness alone takes around 3 days... since this is something I wouldn't bother doing, this is one dish I like ordering. The shrimp roes were fragrant too and seasoning was just right. 

Chilled marinated goose meat roll ($54)
Not a big fan of beancurd skin but I liked the filling - different textures and flavours made for a delicious bite.

Choice of 2 BBQ meat: BBQ pork and roasted crispy baby pork belly ($118)
BBQ pork (char siu) was mediocre at best, lacking both sweet and salty flavours, charred bits and wasn't quite tender enough; but that clear five-layered roasted pork belly was as glorious as last time.

Double-boiled winter melon soup with shrimps, yunnan ham, crab meat, fungus ($550/7 servings)
In line with the end-of-summer heat, we pre-ordered this bad boy to share. Luscious winter melon meat with fresh seafood and quality ham... lovely!
Deboned Eight Treasure Duck ($500)
This was fall-off-the-bone tender, one can easily cut through the meat with a spoon. Well-seasoned and something worth ordering in advance for.
Barley, chesnuts, green beans, lotus seeds, gingko nuts, egg yolk and various offal including liver.
From a previous visit: 
Two barbeque selection ($118) - BBQ pork and roasted baby pork belly
Oven-baked chicken with preserved vegetables wrapped in lotus leaf ($450)
This chicken was one of the better Chinese-style chicken dishes I've had. Very tender chicken with basically no fat between the skin and meat, and full-on flavours coming from the bird itself and saltiness from the preserved vegetables. I'll be ordering this again.
Tim's Kitchen deserves its popularity. I have yet to try the taro puff with sliced duck and the fried glutinous rice,  and will definitely be back for those!

Food: ♥♥1/2
Price: About HK$300-400
G/F & 1/F, 84-90 Bonham Strand,
Sheung Wan 
Hong Kong
T: +852 2543 5919 (bookings highly recommended, many dishes require at least a day's notice) 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chicha in pictures - one of my favourite spots in town

I've been to Chicha several times now and each time the food (well, almost every dish) is executed well and I love the intensity of flavours in the dishes...

Pisco sours

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Best pastrami in NYC?

Guess where I am? 

that queue... all day, every day.
I'm at none other than the famed Katz's deli, which is known to have queues at any time of the day. However, I don't think they are anywhere comparable to the queues of Hong Kong's Ichiran... yes my home city is some crazy queue-loving place. 

Anyway, my belief is that one cannot have truly "eaten" NYC without visiting a proper deli... and since I've heard too much about this place it was only righteous that I paid a visit to Katz's.


I think I just might have found my new favorite sushi heaven. I won't waste your time by giving you a full-on intro on Kishoku, but if you are interested in a little background information, just read this article. We came just before last order and sat at the sushi counter. Our sushi chef came and introduced the menu and recommended we try the deluxe sushi platter... This was what we had come for and so we happily went along.

lunch menu